i'd like to make a case for 'building the plone brand' not only for the integrator/user audience (as we already are doing) but also for the develeoper audience. let's not be too shy or modest here. borg is as 'plonish' in regard to its cleanliness, documentation, extensibility etc. as it gets (naturally, with martin being the author). i think it could make sense to convey this by using the plone namespace for it and i'm sure there are other packages, too.

coming up with eccentric namespaces in the beginning of a new product's lifecycle is a good idea (we'd have to have three plone.commenting products right now, otherwise, none of which is finished...) but eventually i'd think it's a good idea to 'bless' a package and bring it into the plone namespace. otherwise we'll just 'dilute our brand' for the developer audience.

of course, i'm still all for integrating 3rd party tools (and keeping their name, of course!) but to 'simulate diversity' by letting our own packages keep their initial, non-plone name when integrating them into plone core doesn't strike me as particularly desirable (or straightforward, for that matter), either.

just my $0,02 and i'd love to know what you guys think about it...



On Feb 1, 2008, at 1:41 PM, Andreas Zeidler wrote:

On Feb 1, 2008, at 12:31 PM, Martin Aspeli wrote:
-1 to renaming everthing plone.*. When things begin outside Plone
(which we should encourage), then we can't necessarily insist that
they are called plone.* (in fact, we'd probably discourage it if it
wasn't intended to be eventually destined for the core).

i completely agree. furthermore, i think using non plone.* packages in plone emphasizes one of the points made in the whole wsgi/repoze approach and the plone. (as opposed to plone.app.) namespace, which is that re-usability is a good thing and we'd like other people outside the plone/zope universe to start looking and potentially using our stuff as well. in that sense i think we should actually make a statement by integrating packages from the "outside world". and yes, that's not particularly true in this case, but at least it looks this way... ;)


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