The avant-garde film scene in this town has 
really degenerated in the last ten years. I took 
a break for a while to work on other things, and 
when I came back I found that the scene I knew 
and loved had fallen on hard times.

I can't recommend San Francisco as a place to 
find new and exciting avant-garde motion picture 
events. The venues Steve mentioned seem to be 
stuck in the 60's. I have nothing against 
structuralism, etc. per se, but frankly I see a 
lack of imagination and an inability to embrace 
new methods. This is an ill omen.

Don't come here expecting a vibrant community. 
It's stodgy, eccentric, self-absorbed, insular, 
and profoundly unimaginative. The old guard have 
no mojo left in them, and the young people are 
too busy fluffing their Burning Man costumes to do anything revolutionary.


At 8/29/2011, you wrote:
>Several exhibition venues in the San Francisco 
>Bay Area, all of which will be presented 
>substantial programs of what could be considered 
>avant-garde/experimental/underground works in 
>the coming months (presented alphabetically):
>Artists' Television Access (ATA):
>Canyon Cinema:
>Oddball Films:
>Other Cinema (at ATA):
>San Francisco Cinematheque:
>There is also a new venue in west Oakland called 
>"Black Hole" which (I believe) promotes itself 
>primarily via Facebook. Best just to go there 
>(Facebook that is, assuming if you are part of 
>the Facebook hive mind) and search for them.
>And please...
>Before anyone says anything...
>I am the Artistic Director of Cinematheque. I am 
>a filmmaker member (and once employee and board 
>member—”but not currently) of Canyon Cinema. I 
>am a long-time volunteer with Other Cinema/ATA. 
>I even worked for Oddball for a short time years ago.
>Call this disclosure.
>This collation of publicly-accessible 
>information is posted out of a sense of love for 
>this local film scene and for this community, 
>enthusiam for the coming season and as an act of 
>generosity towards a newcomer. Beyond this I 
>make no claims to speak for, advocate for, or 
>argue the merits (or shortcomings) of any of the 
>above venues (other than Cinematheque). OK? I 
>also apologize to any venues I may have left 
>out. No venue was omitted from my list due to 
>personal (or institutional) ill will; if there 
>have been any omissions it is only due to my personal ignorance.
>Peace out,
>Steve Polta
>--- On Mon, 8/29/11, carl elsaesser <> wrote:
>From: carl elsaesser <>
>Subject: [Frameworks] Moving to San Francisco
>Date: Monday, August 29, 2011, 9:51 AM
>Hey, I just moved to San Francisco from Maine 
>and I wanted to check out the film community 
>here. I would love any and all advice on 
>organizing community events, if there are 
>non-profit organizations set up for experimental 
>film makers or of funding opportunities for young film-makers.
>even if it is just for coffee I would love to 
>hear what artists have been up to here, and get 
>a sense of collaboration possibilities.
>Thanks and too much love,
>cArl Elsaesser
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