It's OK, I always wear a flame-retardant vest while on the Internet.  ;)

BTW, as I said before, I'm not a hater. I just think critically about 
technology. Cases in point: I don't have a smartphone. I still have 
my collection of vinyl records. And I'm still using the same email 
program, Eudora, that I used back in the 1990s during the first round 
of "Flameworks" posts that forced me off the list. And why do I cling 
to these old ways? Not because they're old, not because I resist 
change, but because I have evaluated my needs and decided that these 
older technologies are better for me. New is not necessarily good, 
and old is not necessarily good, either. But in the case of celluloid 
film, very soon it will be a moot point, because you won't be able to 
buy it for love or money. --


At 10/5/2011, you wrote:
>The FU was pretty weak in my mind.  What was worse was slamming 
>someones art work because you don't agree with their statements on 
>technology changes etc...  How are we to create community where 
>people feel safe to have heated discussions if we get abusive.  If 
>we want more people to contribute we must think about this. Anger 
>and passion are  fine but being mean just ain't cool.... Sent from 
>my Samsung Replenish David Tetzlaff <> 
>wrote: >Having, somewhat regrettably, dropped what was probably the 
>first Frameworks f-bomb directed at Aaron F. Ross last June, I am 
>nevertheless (hypocritically, I'll admit) disheartened by the 
>devolution of this thread in schoolyard ad hominem cursing. I think 
>it's time to just stop feeding the trolls 
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