I like the Kodak rep quote, if it's to be trusted:
Eastman Kodak, Chris Johnson, Director of New Business Development, 
Entertainment Imaging, counters that "I don't see a time when Kodak stops 
making film stock," noting the year-on-year growth in 65mm film and popularity 
of Super 8mm. "We still make billions of linear feet of film," he says. "Over 
the horizon as far as we can see, we'll be making billions of feet of film."
Jeezus, I don't care if anyone wants to shoot digitally and do whatever they 
want however they want, I just want the option to continue to exist to shoot 
and work in film, not to mention to be able to continue the fricking 
restoration and preservation work I (and many many others) still do on film.
Mark T

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This isn't good news. 

As Tom mentioned, the impact will not be as great at the margins (Frameworks), 
but yes we are all part of the samefilm ecosystem... so parts and information 
(particularly for Aaton, Arri) will be harder and harder to come by... though
I get the sense that limited support is still part of current business model.  
In the last year or two, Jakko (JK), George Zorzoli (Optical-Electro House) and 
Man-sung (SMS) have all retired, yet there are
others around to pick up the work. Actually, Man-sung still does service work, 
but now out of his home. 
If it's any consolation, Eclair NPR and many Bolex cameras, now out of 
production for decades, are being supported by a 
small group of camera technicians internationally and several small parts 
supplies. And much to my surprise CP camerasare still being supported. 
Having owned a number of 16mm cameras (Aaton, Bell & Howell, Bolex, CP, Eclair 
and a few others), it's the "lesser" cameras 
that support our work, as most all Aaton cameras and the newer Arriflex (SR 
series, 416) have always been expensive to own, maintain, repair and rent.   
There might still be a good 10 year run... maybe longer.... enjoy it while it 


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