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Re: [Frameworks] US civil rights related films? 
Also check out California Newsreel for a variety of works.

On 2/14/12 2:17 PM, "robert harris" <> wrote:

Passin' it On
>Framing the Panthers in Black and White
>An important collective of political filmmakers.  The group became Third World 
>Newsreel Films
>Regarding MOVE:
>A 1978, portapak shot, B&W video entitled  The August 8, 1978 Confrontationis 
>raw and quite powerful.
>The piece captures the essences of that time, that situation, & those 
>political tensions with the very particular qualities of image and moment that 
>street portapak video could produce.
>You can see much of it on Utube.  The folks at MOVE will sell you a copy for a 
>modest cost.
>On Feb 13, 2012, at 8:56 PM, ev petrol wrote:
>Hey folks
>>a friend of mine is looking for films about civil rights issues in the US - 
>>historical or contemporary (eg: the prison industrial system, the school to 
>>prison pipeline, the justice system, death row, police brutality &c &c) - for 
>>a series of screenings in New Orleans
>>any ideas?
>>cheers Moira
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