Did anyone mention the relatively recently released "Black Power Mixtape 

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Thanks gents!!

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Also check out California Newsreel for a variety of works.

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Passin' it On

Framing the Panthers in Black and White

An important collective of political filmmakers.  The group became Third World 
Newsreel Films

Regarding MOVE:
A 1978, portapak shot, B&W video entitled  The August 8, 1978 Confrontation is 
raw and quite powerful.
The piece captures the essences of that time, that situation, & those political 
tensions with the very particular qualities of image and moment that street 
portapak video could produce.
You can see much of it on Utube.  The folks at MOVE will sell you a copy for a 
modest cost.


On Feb 13, 2012, at 8:56 PM, ev petrol wrote:
Hey folks
a friend of mine is looking for films about civil rights issues in the US - 
historical or contemporary (eg: the prison industrial system, the school to 
prison pipeline, the justice system, death row, police brutality &c &c) - for a 
series of screenings in New Orleans
any ideas?
cheers Moira

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