>This really does seem a little too cynical.  No one is suggesting any such 
>thing.  I'm just trying to represent the work of someone who is already 
>and presumably taken seriously.  And I guess what it takes is being clear 
>about one's expectations and sticking to it.   

Yes, that was a dumb, cynical remark I made.  But I do have a genuine question 
as to what were the circumstances that allowed those artists to achieve their 
special status in the art world presenting film in a gallery setting?

I'm mainly familiar with Stan Douglas's work of the past decade which includes 
film & photography (which have sometimes been photos related to a film), so 
he's got the art school and artist from another field thing in his support but 
what of Tacita Dean? I havn't seen her work but from my quick study online (ok 
just wikipedia) she seems to be a filmmaker who happened to be associated with 
a group of traditional artists who got some notoriety in the late 80s. Clearly 
she's had a great career, but would the galleries have called if she didn't 
have famous friends?
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