Hello all,

Does anyone know of any experimental films that have explored vaudeville, 
slapstick and/or silent era clown films (eg. Buster Keaton) in some way or 

I am working on a collaborative dance film with choreographer, Cori Olinghouse, 
who has been studying movement forms like eccentric dance, mime, and voguing. 
Our film will seek to invoke the spaces of Vaudeville through a Dada/Surrealist 
eye. We are attracted to the way these two forms share aspects of humor, 
oddity, and slapstick. 
Here's a link to a preview of our film project on our Kickstarter page: 

Some films that have inspired us thus far are Hans Richter's "Ghosts Before 
Breakfast" and Anna Halprin in James Broughton's "Golden Positions". 

Any leads will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Shona Masarin

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