It would actually be very easy to modify a 16mm projector to be hand-cranked. 
The "inching knob" found on many projectors (e.g the ubiquitous Bell & Howells) 
would be the obvious place to attach your drive mechanism. Reverse it and the 
projector can drive other devices. Kim Miskowicz' recent film "Saving the Next 
to Last" is a super-8 hand-cranked film (which also draws lamp power from a 
hand-crank—i.e. it's a post-apocalypse Gilligan's Island projector which does 
not plus into the wall). Sorry I don't have more info on this but here is her 

Steve Polta

--- On Wed, 6/13/12, Kevin Obsatz <> wrote:

From: Kevin Obsatz <>
Subject: [Frameworks] Hand-cranking 16mm projector?
Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 10:22 AM


I'm working on an installation project, and wondering if there's such a thing 
as a basic hand-cranking 16mm projector, available for sale, or as something I 
could strip down from an existing projector.

I'm mostly interested in the frame-advance mechanism - I don't need it to have 
any kind of bulb or motor.

Any information / leads / ideas would be very much appreciated!


Kevin Obsatz
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