The Bell & Howell 173 is a 16mm analytic projector and it can be hand-cranked 
or run by the variable speed motor. A beautiful machine and a real workhorse. 
There are similar models by other makers, and because analytics are not sound 
projectors they can be rather inexpensive (gee, who would want a silent film 
projector?) They used to be quite common, there were tons of them in use in 
athletics before the advent of videotape.
Someone mentioned toy projectors - they can be fine as props, but the mechanics 
are often so rudimentary it's always dicey to run film through them. Some are 
ok, others are horrible.

Tom       Durham Cinematheque

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Hey Kevin,

I seem to recall that Alex MacKenzie used a hand-cranked projector for a 
performance called "the wooden lightbox: a secret art of seeing" at last year's 
(2011) Crossroads Film Festival.  I think Alex made the projector himself so 
maybe he can be a resource for you:<>

Good luck!

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> Subject: [Frameworks] Hand-cranking 16mm projector?
> Hello!
> I'm working on an installation project, and wondering if there's such a thing 
> as a basic hand-cranking 16mm projector, available for sale, or as something 
> I could strip down from an existing projector.
> I'm mostly interested in the frame-advance mechanism - I don't need it to 
> have any kind of bulb or motor.
> Any information / leads / ideas would be very much appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Kevin Obsatz
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