If you're looking for a cheap way to make acceptable-grade copies of 
films, consider one of the Elmo film chain units.  It's a camera built
inside a projector with the proper shutter and some alignment hardware.
No need to worry about seeing the grain of a ground glass or defects on
a screen.

The image quality isn't in the same league as you get with a flying spot
scanner (or even as good as Broadsky and Treadway get with their film chain
rig), but it's perfectly good for noncritical sorts of work like that and
it's better than you'll get with a camera on a screen, even with the sync
set up right.

That said, there are some folks out there doing very high quality film
transfers for very very cheap today.  With the coming of HD, the guys
with old SD gear have been dropping their rates aggressively.

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