Everyone has an opinion or a theory on this, all I can tell you is that I've 
shipped film across Canada and to the U.S. using national post services with no 
stickers identifying the contents and have never had a roll go bad. I've also 
had film x-ray'd in my carry on in Mexico with no effects. 

My 2 cents is that I don't think any postage gets x-ray'd because the massive 
volume of mail would be too expensive to monitor and the time delay too great. 
Just think about how long it takes to get through airport security, where they 
have to stop and scrutinized the contents of your carry on bag. The U.S.P.S. 
handled 167 billion pieces of mail in 2010, can they afford to have an employee 
scanning and inspecting every single item? If they do x-ray packages, it would 
probably only be for those shipped via Air, since the cost is higher and the 
general paranoia surrounding airport security.


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> I've had post office employees refuse to promise me "do not x-ray" carries a=
> ny weight, were they wrong? 

The post office is not FedEx.  The post office normally doesn't x-ray anything
but under special conditions they will use all sorts of machinery that is
hazardous to film.  After the anthrax scare, all kinds of stuff going in and
out of various museums in Washington DC has become a problem.

> Do you really just need to write that on your pa=
> ckages?

I like the big stickers from Markertek.  But you need to ship by someone like
FedEx or Danzas who carry a lot of film (well, maybe not so much anymore) and
know how to deal with it.
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