Dear List Demons:

It's a good thing interweb packets bounce through the astral plane, because 
I've sprung a sprocket on my astral projector, and if it wasn't for Frameworks 
I'd be getting bored.

So I noticed David Woods curious post, and using the all-seeing eye of truth 
you can sprout up here, I discovered that indeed some Evil Kalvinist Killjoys 
have STOLEN Woods' sense of irony and sarcasm to the point where he seems to 
believe Freya was actually taking that wiki post seriously, somehow missing the 
possibility she was assuming that its silliness would be self-evident to anyone 
who has seen films, read books, explored thoughts -- under the influence of the 
right chemicals and spells, of course.

Well, happily, since I'm still stuck up here, I have consulted the appropriate 
mix of ancient gods / extra-terrestials, and have come up with a ritual to 
drive the moralizing self-righteous party-poop from Woods' body, returning him 
to the sharp intellect we all once knew and loved. But I need to get back down 
to Earth to perform it. 

And I do have to say, the contributions have not exactly been flowing like the 
phallic phountains of Italy, and I am beginning to think I shall never feel my 
human meat again. So, if not for the sake of my woodie, then for Woodsy, please 
do help.

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