Ahh, I think David Woods might have missed the smiley emoticon at the end of 
Freya's rec.

I assumed (could be wrong) that Freya stumbled on this item and was passing it 
on with a laugh, not that Freya was the original author of the advice wiki.

On the other hand, I remember a home movie maker magazine from the 1970s era 
(Super 8 Filmmaker?) that always had lots of handy advice on matters like how 
to do gory makeup for your little horror film, or how to do stop motion 
animation of toys to make a Godzilla rip-off or how to film "underwater" scenes 
using your aquarium.  Hey, if it gets folks to pick up a camera and start to 
play with it and have fun, what's the problem?

Chuck Kleinhans

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> How to make a good experimental film.
> Just follow the forumla/magic steps in this handy wiki and you will be well 
> on your way! :)

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