Interesting question.


Yousendit or Dropbox might be good ways to get the files, the size limits are 
better on dropbox.  But any files you get from other people add to your own 
quota so you'd have to be really organized to get everything happening without 
maybe confounding your senders.

I would think a self-hosted blind-drop FTP server, i.e. a one-way web interface 
so they could send you raw files.  Never set one up but I've seen them.  In any 
case - if web interface is too hard to do then you have to expect the shooters 
to understand FTP.

You could ask people to post full-quality versions on youtube and then rip the 
files with some sort of youtube downloading plugin.  This would be clunky and 
usually results in (BIG!) quality loss.

Vimeo would work, since there's an option to leave the full-quality file as a 
download link for anyone who sees the video.  You can password-protect videos 
there so they aren't available to the general public.  But then folks would 
have to sign up for a vimeo account and understand how to get a 
reasonable-quality file on there (max 1 HD upload per week, 500Mb total files 
per week, thus more headaches).

But, for instance, can shooters on an ipad really send you the full-quality 
master footage?  Or are they limited to BS options like "Share -> Youtube, 
Facebook, etc" which bypass the file system altogether?  It's the result of the 
War on General Purpose Computing.


This is trickier - I've done BYO gigs with kids, where everyone and sundry had 
a different file wrapper and codec and frame rate and file size so on.  Premier 
or FCP should probably eat them all and crap out a movie but I did encounter 
the odd Chinese kid with an .mtv format or something no one had ever heard of 
except them.

AND if they are sending the files, better hope they understand the file 
structure for stuff like AVCHD, and get them to send the whole "PRIVATE" folder 
and that kinda thing.  Etc etc.

The deal is that even with good pre-production discussions between two people, 
surprises crop up - so sending out a call to the general public is asking for 
trouble.  But I'm interested in the same kinds of projects so please let me 
know how it develops!

Good Luck!




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