The Yankee Clipper has a 110 (16mm) setting:
Or (better) you can get a stainless steel 110 reel:
Either one should handle about 33 inches of 16mm film.

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Hi all,

I've pretty much got the conventional D-19 process down now (as taken from the darkroom cookbook). Now I feel it's time to experiment a little. I want to shoot one roll of 16mm film with the same subject matter/ lighting/ cam settings etc.. and then take sections of that film (5ft or so at a time) and develop them individually using different D-19 combinations. 

The problem is I want to develop with very small quantities of D-19. So I want to develop in standard photographic 35mm paterson tanks and not my massive lomos (which requires lots of chemistry). As far as I know there are no small developing tanks to develop 16mm tests. Is there? Does anyone have any information on how or where I could get my hands on such tester tanks to develop very short lengths of film well? Or if possible, how to modify a photographic 35mm developing tank to do some tests in. 

All the best
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