Also Burckhardt's "Under the Brooklyn Bridge" and "What Mozart Saw on Mulberry 

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Hi Matt,

It's been awhile since I've seen Rudy Burckhardt's "Eastside Summer," but it's 
spontaneous street photography (lovely, 1950s NYC footage).

I wonder, though, if by "recording people on the street," etc., you mean that 
the filmmaker is shooting one particular spot, or one person, or one activity. 
That would be different than Burckhardt et al. I would think more of the 
sequence from Jim McBride's "David Holzman's Diary" for which the cameraman 
(Michael Wadleigh) shot a handheld 'tracking shot' while walking past a row of 
park benches, filming the people sitting on them. This documentary footage (a 
single long take) is then incorporated into the film's fictional context as if 
it were shot by the film's protagonist.

Andy Ditzler

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Hello Frameworkers,

I am trying to drum up a list of films/videos that use voyeurism and/or street 
photography as a central component.  But in typing this I realize that neither 
'voyeurism' nor 'street photography' are really the correct words/terms to use 
for what I am looking for.  I am interested in the cinematic equivalent of 
'street photography,' specifically films like those made by Nathaniel Dorsky or 
Jem Cohen, where the filmmaker is filmming/recording people on the street 
and/or other public places without their knowledge.  Voyeurism tends to be 
associated with watching people in private spaces doing private things, which 
is not what i am interested in, but the word still lends itself to this query.

Any ideas of films, and good words/terms to describe them would be much 


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