See Callie Angell's article on Warhol's "Inner and Outer Space" in "From
Stills to Motion and Back Again," published by Presentation House Gallery,
Vancouver. The Warhol videos were done in 1965 on a Norelco "slant-scan"
machine, which no longer exists and apparently cannot be found. (There
weren't many made.)

As Callie points out in a footnote, "Inner and Outer Space" (a 16mm film in
which some of these videos are seen playing on a monitor) is now the best
preservation of any of those videos. She also mentions something I hadn't
noticed before - that excerpts from these videos were played as part of a
show at the Whitney in 1991. I'm not sure how that was done - perhaps there
was still a machine available at the time?

Warhol made several of these videos during the time he had the recorder,
but I'm not aware of any documentation of what was actually on most of
them. Besides the Edie Sedgwick tapes, the only other one of which I'm
aware is a haircut video done with Billy Name. Various articles by Callie
Angell in other publications mention the tapes as well.

Andy Ditzler

On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 4:24 AM, Lundgren <> wrote:

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> I know that once on this list somebody mentioned that there was a Andy
> Warhol work that was done on a video system which had no surviving video
> players. I've tried to search the list unable to find any information. Does
> anyone know of this and have a decent (preferable academically
> scrutinize-able) source for it?
> Or those anyone have examples of other famous artist with video works (or
> similair) "lost" due to the fact that we don't have any machines to watch
> it anymore?
> Björn Lundgren
> Sweden
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