Hi Marco,
I've never been happy with Super-8 neg. and the loss of Ekta 100D spells
the end of color Super-8 for me. Even on the most serious Super-8 scanner
I know of in the U.S. at Cinelicious I see what you are complaining about
when it comes to the skies and other areas that should be 'fluid'. I love
reversal grain in 8 and Super-8, but the grain from Vision when blown up
from Super-8 looks mostly like dust or sensor/video noise to me.
Here is a piece on Vimeo that was scanned at Cinelicious using Vision3
200T and 500T and the skies in particular look terrible to me...

Perhaps Vision3 50D 5203 would be worth a try... To my knowledge I haven't
had any clients bring us this stock on Super-8 yet and it is supposed to
be the finest grain for Vision3.

R.I.P. Ekta 100D...
Here's a search return from Vimeo for Super-8 100D that looks a lot better
in the skies although I've seen even much nicer 100D footage:

-Sorry I don't have better solutions for you, but I'll wish you good luck
with your project!
---Buck Bito

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On Wed, May 22, 2013 10:38 am, Marco Poloni wrote:
> Dear Frameworkers,
> I have a question about film stock for Super-8mm.
> I am back from a scouting trip for a 16mm film project. I did all the
> location filming in Super-8mm because I wanted to use the material in
> the film as well. I worked with my Leicina Special with a Schneider
> Optivaron 6-66mm zoom, which had just been revised, and with Kodak
> Vision 3 200T and 500T, a stock that I well know and love when used in
> 16mm. The material was scanned in AppleProRes422 on an Ursa Diamond in
> a laboratory in Turin, Italy: Nova Rolfilm. People who were
> recommended to me and do very good work.
> The result is very disappointing. The footage is super grainy, looking
> kind of OK when I'm filming objects but terrible on skies: exploded,
> saturated, not fluid. I know the problem is neither the camera nor the
> lens. I have shot excellent b&w footage with this camera.
> <...SNIP...>
> Best,
> Marco

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