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Perhaps this might be of interest for the "New Landscapes" theme:



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> Hello Frameworkers,
> I'm working on a few new programs of experimental shorts and am hoping you
> might have some submissions/suggestions of work you've made or to which
> you've made a connection.
>      *"New" "Landscapes"* — new looks at old landscapes, old looks at new
> landscapes, Peter Hutton gifs, super-8 computer worlds, what we might mean
> by virtual landscapes or space scapes in 20(0)13. This one is mostly
> finished, but until it is, I'm happy to see new things.
>      *Skeuomorphs* (as yet untitled) — related to other curatorial
> endeavors, but with a particular interest in how skeuomorphism functions
> within a progressive/regressive, experimental moving image culture,
> thinking of iMovie "scratched film look," the "clicking" of a cell phone's
> "shutter," what's aesthetic about processes and how those forms help a
> transfer to other processes.
>      The third, and now that they're all lined up there are obvious
> connections, shared interests and apprehensions, is the least fully formed.
> I'm working through something that has to do with *time (and space) travel
> *, with an emphasis on imaginative portals between different realms. That
> is to say, expansively: a telephone as a mode of instantaneous travel
> through space, a recording/photograph/letter as a mode of time travel back
> to the moment of its making, a time capsule as an optimistic grasp at the
> same. Thinking and rethinking of cinema in these terms makes sense here.
>      *Accents, dialects, idioms* and a generalized feeling that the place
> from which people emerge informs who they are, who they'll become, how
> they'll speak. This is related more fully to my own work than the others,
> but will find its way into the world in a similar way. Impersonations,
> shibboleths, pidgins and glocalities welcome.
> Thank you,
> Jesse
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