In the past three or four years I have purchased some 16mm prints from Murray 
Glass on eBay - a nice reel with five titles by Zecca, and an odd reel with a 
variety of somewhat strangely printed excerpts from Intolerance. The strange 
printing was due to lab mistakes. Can't remember exactly how he phrased it but 
he did say something vague about the print being faulty and incomplete. His 
starting prices weren't inexpensive, but I collect early cinema on 16mm and it 
usually isn't inexpensive.

Interesting to note that on the heads and tails of the Zecca reel you can read 
where MOMA's leaders were printed through. He rented a 16mm print from their 
circulating library, made his own print, and then (I assume) rented it out 
through Em Gee. Nothing wrong with that so far as I'm concerned, except I 
realize that MOMA's print would be one generation better.

Tom Whiteside
Durham Cinematheque

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Hi. I certainly don't have any knowledge but I'm hereby seconding Roger Beebe's 
inquiry as to the resolution and disposition of the lauded and mysterious Em 
Gee Film Library. I assume that the guy just retired or finally decided to shut 
the business down but very curious to hear any anecdotes or learn the fate of 
the collection. Any leads...

Steve Polta
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