Forgive an outsider and frequent lurker, but this thread is really compelling 
to me. As much as I've enjoyed extrapolating what Em Gee might have been to all 
of you, might anyone in-the-know post a brief history of what Em Gee really was 
for those of us on the outside? 



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I do know that Murray's beautiful 35mm nitrate print of THE BIG STAKES ended up 
at the Library of Congress so I suspect that other nitrate prints ended up 
there as well.

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On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 3:29 AM, Steve Polta <> wrote:

Hi. I certainly don't have any knowledge but I'm hereby seconding Roger Beebe's 
inquiry as to the resolution and disposition of the lauded and mysterious Em 
Gee Film Library. I assume that the guy just retired or finally decided to shut 
the business down but very curious to hear any anecdotes or learn the fate of 
the collection. Any leads...
>Steve Polta
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