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> projectors seem to handle splices better though ... got a kinetta scan in 
> paris & it jumps at all the splices (good ones, for the record, made with an 
> italian guillotine splicer); makes conforming tough going ...

The Kinetta in Paris is getting the new perf sensor upgrade later this month.  
They have the first of the current version of Kinetta.

The Kinetta uses uptick perf sensing, and if the splice isn't punched out 
perfectly it will jump.  A claw might not jump, but it can eat perfs after a 
bad splice, which a Kinetta can't do.

We always overscan, because some splices will jump -- it takes about 15 seconds 
to reposition a frame to deal with a bad splice in Resolve (which is free).

Projectors can damage film.  DuAll's system can't handily contrasty or 
underexposed film (they say so on their website).  

Jeff Kreines

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