It also won an Oscar for animated short.

I once did some shows on animated docs, and I would say that many have
animation set to recorded speech/conversation/interview.  ³Waltz With
Bashir² does this on the feature level.  This was a few years ago, and much
has been done since then, and many of the films have already been mentioned.
Sheila Sofian has a new film, by the way, called ³Truth Is Fallen.²
Definitely look at ³Slaves² and ³Hidden² by David Aronowitsch and Hanna
Heilborn, ³Backseat Bingo² by Liz Blazer, and ³Never like the First Time² by
Jonas Odell.

Here were the contents of these shows, but some of these don¹t fit your
request.  Just easier for me to cut & paste.  All are animated docs by my

Portraits I
³Talking About Amy² by Yurico Murakami (200?, 8:20, USA/Japan) ­ video from
³Backseat Bingo² by Liz Blazer (2003, 5:25, USA)
³Repetition Compulsion² by Ellie Lee (1997, 7 min., 35mm, USA) ­ print in
Excerpt from ³The Kid Stays in the Picture² by Nanette Burstein and Brett
Morgen (2002, 93 min, US) ­ DVD ordered
³McLaren¹s Negatives² by Marie-Josee Saint Pierre (2006, 11 min., Canada)
³Conversation with Haris² by Sheila Sofian (2001, 6 min, 16mm, USA) ­ print
from Sheila
³The Beloved Ones² by Samantha Moore (2007, 6 min, UK) - Big Film Shorts
 ³Mouseholes² by Helen Hill (1999, 16mm, USA) ­ portrait of grandfather ­
print from Harvard Film Archive
³Uncle Ma¹an² by Sahar Alsawaf (2007, 4 min, video, USA/Iraq) ­ video from
³The Even More Fun Trip² by Bob Sabiston (2007, 20:45, video, USA) ­ video
from Bob
³The Sinking of the Lusitania² by Winsor McCay (1916, 12 min, USA.)
³Enter Life² by Faith Hubley (1982, 6 min., USA, for Smithsonian Natural
History museum) ­ science film ­ Hubley Studio
Adventures in Music: Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom! (1953, 10 min., Disney
³The Velvet Tigress² by Jen Sachs (2001, 11 min, 16mm, USA)
Excerpt from ³Shay¹s Rebellion ­ America¹s First Civil War² by R.J. Cutler,
animation by Bill Plympton (2004, 45 min, video, USA)
³Forest Murmurs² by Jonathan Hodgson (2006, 12:30, UK)
ŒSuccess with Sweetpeas² by Samantha Moore (2006, 6:30, UK) ­ Big Film
Shorts distributor
 ³Hidden² by David Aronowitsch and Hanna Heilborn (2002, 8 min., video,
³Men in Black² segment from Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime
Experience, by Richard Robbins (2007, 6 min., from video, USA)
³His Mother¹s Voice² by Dennis Tupicoff (1997, 15 min, 35mm, Australia)
³Never like the First Time² by Jonas Odell (2005, 14:30, video, Sweden) ­
video on Wholphin #3
 ³The Moon and the Son² by John Canemaker (2004, 28 min, USA)
³The Darra Dogs² by Dennis Tupicoff (1993, 10 min, Australia)
³My Universe, Inside Out² by Faith Hubley (1996, 25 min, USA)
³Passages¹ by Marie-Josee Saint Pierre (2008, 25 min, Canada)
³Doubled Up² by Samantha Moore (2004, 6:30, UK)
Portraits II 
 ³It¹s Like That² by the Southern Ladies Animation Group (2003, 7:15,
³Silence,² by Sylvie Bringas and Orly Yadin (1998, 11 min, UK)
 ³Survivors² by Sheila Sofian (1997, 16 min, USA) ­ women survivors of abuse
³Grasshopper² by Bob Sabiston (2003, 14 min, USA) ­ portrait of Indian man
giving life wisdom
 ³Last Words of Dutch Schultz² by Gerrit van Dijk (2003, 24 min,
³Slaves² by David Aronowitsch and Hanna Heilborn (2008, 15 min., Sweden)
³Guy 101² by Ian Gouldstone (2005, 9 min, UK)
Some Aardman films?
³Pro/Con² by Joanna Priestly
³Troubled Minds,² by Andy Glynne (12 min, UK) ­ or ³Animated Minds²
³Ryan,² by Chris Landreth (2004, 14 min, Canada)
³Feeling My Way² by Jonathan Hodgson (1997, 5:34, UK)
³Abductees² by Paul Vester (1995, 11 min, UK, ships from LA)
³Diary Film ­ I Was 12 in 1956² by Boglárka Edvy and Sándor Silló (2006, 55
min, Hungary)

Other, show TBD:
A Paul Fierlinger film
An educational film from the 1950s of some sort
Vivienne Jones
New NFB Canada films
ŒChicago 10² by Brett Morgen
ŒWaltz With Bashir²?
³Home Road Movies² by Robert Bradbrook (2001, 12 min, UK)
³Field of Green² - Sky-David film
³Frank Film² ­ won Oscar ­ Frank & Caroline Mouris, Won Oscar in 1974 for
Best Short Subject, Animated Films

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> Chris Landreth's "Ryan", which is sort of the extension of a conversation
> between Landreth and animator Ryan Larkin, may fit your query. It's online
> here:
> RW
> On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 4:13 PM, Jon Dieringer <>
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>> Hi Frameworks Members
>> As research for an article I am writing, I'm curious to learn more of films
>> that might take the form of "animated conversations" -- audio interviews
>> rendered visually by animation -- or perhaps more broadly animated or collage
>> works based on extant audio of speech (whether found or deliberately
>> recorded).
>> Thank you for giving it your consideration!
>> Warm regards,
>> Jon

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