Some of Jordan Belson's films evoke Turner's more shimmering work, and they even have suggestions of "land." He may even have referenced Turner in an interview, although his need to be seen as an original might preclude that. Cindy Keefer would know.

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Not "less known" perhaps, but Brakhage is key here.

He cites Turner as an influence in a list of influences, as someone
mentioned, in my Criterion liner notes. It might be worth recounting
how that list was composed. I asked him on the phone for his most
important influences from writers, painters, and composers, and added,
"You only get two of each." For painters he chose Turner and Pollock
as the two most important. (He also added, on his own, an additional
art, dance.)

"The Text of Light" would be the most important film here. Not only
did he look at Turner, but the variability of light in Turner is
deeply inscribed in that film. He also spoke of "The Text of Light" in
terms of landscape. This aspect of light was explored even more
radically in the "Romans," "Arabics," and "Egyptians." The imagery in
those films is far more removed from ideas of landscape.

Fred Camper

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I'm contacting from Tate Etc. Magazine, London in the hope that somebody at Frameworks might be able to help me with some research I'm undertaking with regard to an article we're publishing in a couple issues time. Essentially the article will focus on J.M.W Turner's influence on film. I was wondering whether somebody at Frameworks could advise on some interesting, perhaps less known filmmakers who have been influenced by him? I'm really looking at hard fact and solid evidence as opposed to conjecture.

Any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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