David Rimmer's 'Surfacing the Thames'. It's impossible not to think of Turner 
when looking at this. I don't know if he was directly influenced or not. 
Perhaps someone else will know? Here's a very bad digital copy of a vhs copy of 
the film at Ubu: http://www.ubu.com/film/rimmer_thames.html 
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Dear frameworks members, I'm contacting from Tate Etc. Magazine, London in the 
hope that somebody at Frameworks might be able to help me with some research 
I'm undertaking with regard to an article we're publishing in a couple issues 
time. Essentially the article will focus on J.M.W Turner's influence on film. I 
was wondering whether somebody at Frameworks could advise on some interesting, 
perhaps less known filmmakers who have been influenced by him? I'm really 
looking at hard fact and solid evidence as opposed to conjecture. Any 
assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated. My very best, Aaron 
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