Hey, yesterday i put up a post whose subject line was all jacked, i thought i'd 
post it again... -charles

> Hi folks. I've started an effort to put many of my public domain educational 
> films from my decade long collection of them, many of which aren't online at 
> all, up on archive.org and through private youtube links, from which the 
> videos can be ripped. I've been disappointed in the past with the poor 
> quality of some of the videos on archive.org, so i wanted to give something 
> back to other filmmakers footage which they could use for their projects, or 
> at least  watch as a reference for requesting something from an archive. I 
> share the links via a facebook page... 
> http://www.facebook.com/sodajerkarchive
> Check in once and awhile, or if you're on facebook, like the page to stay up 
> to date on what i put up. It takes a bit of effort, and i'd like the films to 
> be downloaded and used by other filmmakers. And by all means, share the links 
> with your friends. Thanks.
> -charles
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