Charles Atlas "The Legend of Leigh Bowery," 2001
Gregory J. Markopoulos, "Galaxie, 1966, silent portraits of 33 legendary artists, poets and experimental filmmakers Curt McDowell, "Nudes: A Portrait," 1974, silent and sound portraits of some friends including George Kuchar Penny Lane's Lower East Side Biography Project, including Jonas Mekas and a great one of Taylor Mead
Skip Blumberg, "Nam June Paik: Lessons From the Video Master," 2006
Steina Vasulka, "Lilith," portrait of artist Doris Cross

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Dear Frameworkers

I am currently working on a film that documents the daily routine of a painter/ experimental filmmaker - a poetic portrait of this aging artist who is now in his 80s. I am very keen on exposing myself to similar films that have been made in the past - primarily personal, poetic portrait films of artists (not traditional TV-style documentaries) and it would be great if I could please get recommendations if you have any? I live in India so works that are available on Ubu or elsewhere online would be of great help.

Thanks a lot for your help.
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