Hi Amanda,
It's not a motorized looper is it?
The projector should be pulling film in the front as fast as it's spitting it out the back. Most loopers are driven by the projector so the only problem would be if there is too much torque or friction or if the film is too heavy and the projector is having trouble pulling.
In that case a wider diameter can be a good idea.
Another idea would be to load several prints together (making a 30 or 40 minute loop) if you have prints available and if the looper is big enough.

At 13:49 -0300 12/10/14, Amanda Christie wrote:
I wrapped the film another time, and adjusted the rollers and arms a bit so that there was no slack... within 40 minutes... 4 cycles of the film, it was back to dragging on the floor again....

my guess is that the loop is just tightening a bit with each cycle, thus freeing up more film slack outside of the box.... does this make sense? shall i just keep adding a loop, waiting for it to slack off, then add another loop again? until it stops needing more loops?

i'm suprised by the variation of the slack within the same cycle.... and am not sure what causes that... it's a 10 minute film, and there are 4 splices (maybe 5) in the print. the print was printed in 2012 (maybe 2011).... and ran for 6 weeks in another installation without this problem....

would the multiple splices cause the slack variation? right now, it just went all the way up taught, far away from the floor, and then dipped back down all the way to the floor....

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