Just a note to follow up on Elizabeth's great post. The Cecile Starr
Memorial Tribute in NY is October 1, separate announcement to follow. Also,
sorry to report Cecile's widow Aram Boyajian had been quite ill, and passed
recently this month.

"Spook Sport" is a film by Mary Ellen Bute, in which she hired Norman
McLaren to do the animation.  It is not a film by Norman McLaren, despite
the NFBC's attempt to 'reclaim' this film as McLaren's. Papers in Cecile
Starr's Bute collection clearly prove this is a film by director Mary Ellen

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> RIP Cecile Starr. She championed so many experimental filmmakers,
> especially those who were women, and yes, it, gender, it is an important
> distinction. Few would know about Mary Ellen Bute (and Ted Nemeth), or
> (Alexander Alexeieff and) Claire Parker (or Starr and her husband, recently
> newly widowed husband, partner is celluloid crime Aram Boyajian) who, without
> her intense and incisive scholarship, advocacy, and distribution of
> experimental, avant garde, and animation of each type, we would all be so
> diminished in our understanding of film history.  Dennis is right about
> McClaren as so brilliant as to be included in the top of essentials, but I
> won't play this silly 3 films limit nonsense. All you need is the
> filmography from Anthology Film Archives ongoing, infamous "Essential
> CInema" series, a stalwart primer in basic film knowledge, to know what to
> program for your students or friends. Gary Handman, nee of UCLA, happily
> retired albeit available if you seek him out, is a librarian after just
> about everyone's heart, his syllabi in film studies over the years he
> worked and taught are essential, too, if what to see and know about in film
> history and studies. Perfect distillations with no BS.
> But, yeah, for each of the 3 chosen, I would program McLaren. "Neigbours"
> and "Spook Sport" are my two faves. Geez, Oskar Fischinger is my favorite,
> anything just anything, and good golly, Lotte Reineger, anyone? See, I
> succumbed and fell in to this nonsense. This is just absurd.
> Elizabeth
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