Hello all,
I just finished screening a number of films at the University of the
Arts of Helsinki, in the context of a workshop for graduate students
about filmmaking at the anthropocene.
Some of you helped me identify suitable movies, and I am very thankful
to you. I had promised, in return, to share my final selection. Here
it is.
Very best,

susan schuppli, can the sun lie?, 2011 (?)
michael snow, la region centrale, 1971
carlos reygadas, silent light, 2007
bruce conner, crossroads, 1975
steven osazaki, white light, black rain, 2007
robert smithson, spiral jetty, 1970
james benning, casting a glance, 2007
marco poloni, the analogue dam, 2010
thomas campbell, the present, 2009
jean  painlevé, the love life of the octopus, 1967
walon green, the secret life of plants, 1978
ramin bahrani, the plastic bag, 2009
chris welsby, wind vane, 1972 (not projected, could not find a copy in time)
and, along the lines of an animistic turn:
jean rouch, les maîtres-fous, 1955
alfred clah, intrepid shadows, 1966
lucien castaing-taylor & véréna paravel, leviathan, 2012


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