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The Visible Press is about to publish a collection of writings by Peter Gidal 
titled “Flare Out: Aesthetics 1966–2016”, which I have also edited. Please see 
below for further information. The book does include Gidal’s letter to 
Artforum, alongside many other texts from the past 50 years. The full table of 
contents - and the possibility to order online (since we don’t have 
distribution) - are at http://www.thevisiblepress.com/flare-out/

This is good news!  Back in the day when people actually wrote letters on 
paper, made carbon copies,  and sent them to other physical places and beings, 
a lot of intersting discussion was going on.

Gidal, with his authoritative/authoritarian “rules” on politically correct 
images was probably the most famous mansplainer of his era.  Michelson was 
definitely the perfect adversary,  Well matched.

Chuck Kleinhans

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