For 1., Gerschicht der Nacht by Clemens Klopfenstein.

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> Friends, in the last couple of weeks you have generously assisted me in
> finding films with certain content, like shadows, swings, and 360-degree
> camera moves. They’re for two presentations I’m giving in San Francisco
> late April, which I’ll tell you more about as the time approaches.
> Meanwhile, I need two more:
> 1. Empty city streets. “The World, Flesh, and the Devil” is an example,
> New York without people.
> 2. In Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall” subtitles tell us what he and Diane
> Keaton are really thinking as they talk with one another. I’m drawing a
> blank on another, more recent, film with well known actors that has a
> similar scene. My recollection is that it’s not necessarily intended to be
> humorous, but I could be wrong about that. Any ideas about this or any film
> in which the technique is used? It has to be text on screen, not voice-over
> “inner monologue,” which text represents in these instances.
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