Dear Gene,

I remember seeing that like a week or so ago - and like Jeff, I thought of
Fred Hampton (assassinated by the Chicago Police by order of FBI's
Cointelpro on 12/4/69). Very little has changed. The clip in question was
on Democracy Now! on 3/31 during the headlines. A protester in Minneapolis
was shouting "I am a Revolutionary!" to a crowd of hundreds also protesting
the idiotic and now endemic decision to not charge the cops that murdered
Jamar Clark
<>. "... a
broken criminal justice system." Too broken. Broken enough to have another
BPP for Self Defense. I think that Fred would be proud of Black Lives
Matter... we need thousands of Fred Hamptons now.

Amy Goodman covers this briefly during the headlines on 3/31 ( The story begins at 5:12 and
the quote in question begins at 5:49. I remember Amy's interview with Keith
in the fall during the initial protests. Some stupid fucking cop pointed an
assault rifle at Ellison's son! And here in New York City this weekend, we
have the mayor and a presidential candidate making insensitive racial jokes
like it's no big deal... and I'm not talking about Donald Trump. I hope
these voters wake up and realize that these pigs are often not just gangs
of cops anymore they are often the kinds of cops called 'super
predators'... no conscience, no empathy... we can talk about why they ended
up that way but first, we have to bring them to heel.

- Warren

On Tue, Apr 12, 2016 at 10:32 AM, Gene Youngblood <>

> Frameworkers,
> I recently saw on Democracy Now (I think; the source really doesn’t
> matter) an interstitial showing a protest demonstration with a
> call-and-response where the speaker said “I am a revolutionary” over and
> over,  and the crowd repeated it with him over and over. I vaguely recall
> it was black and white, but it may not be. And I don’t know if it was a
> recent event or not.
> I searched  the phrase on You Tube but only found interviews in which it
> was used by individuals. Does anyone know the clip I’m talking about?
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