If the gate does not have pitting from rust you can try red Jeweler’s Rouge on 
a soft cotton cloth. This will polish without scratching. Start with a damp 
cloth and follow with a dry cloth.
Also 3M makes Scotch-brite and the white is the finest grade and will remove 
surface rust without scratching the metal. When removing rust from procession 
surfaces test in a non-critical area first.
Hope this helps
On Jul 26, 2016, at 6:31 AM, peter humble 
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Hi everybody,

I've recently acquired a small 16mm contact printer. It seems to be working 
fine but is a bit rusty in parts. I plan to strip it back and give it a good 
clean. Just wondering if there's anyone on the list who has had experience in 
cleaning/maintaining such machines? What materials should/shouldn't I use when 
cleaning rust from gates etc and other parts?

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