Kodak used to have a nifty little booklet on the subject.  Basically, if
you are running B&W and you're using typical developers and nothing wierd
the thing you have to worry about is silver-laden hypo, which you probably 
should be getting silver recovery on anyway if you're doing any quantity.  
The main worry is silver itself, which is not only a toxic heavy metal but 
is also worth money and shouldn't be poured down the drain.

If you are running color processes, though, it gets complicated fast.  If
you're running weird developers with accelerants like hydrazine dihydrochloride
or using chromium intensifier or mercury toners you have disposal issues.
If you're running a reversal process you have to worry about the bleach which
is also full of residual silver (even if you're not using the old ferricyanide

But dumping D-76 and stop bath into the septic tank won't hurt anything if
you dilute them sufficiently.

D-76 seems to encourage bacterial growth, in fact, which is no fun when you
have to clean the tanks out...

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