Thanks for asking that Sarah!

I was just about to post the same question... I've just moved into my 
grandparents old house in rural New Brunswick, and am planning on converting 
the basement bathroom into a darkroom... 
It too runs on a septic system... 

I've worked with cafenol for developer and usually use vinegar for my stop.

My main question then is for fix and hypo-clear... 

Are there any recipes for eco-friendly fix or hypo-clear?...  although I 
supposed... the problem may not be so much the chemical itself, as the 
silver.... but any eco-friendly suggestions would be much appreciated!

I can't wait to check out the links already shared!

Amanda Dawn Christie

On 2016-08-28, at 2:50 PM, Scott Dorsey wrote:

> Kodak used to have a nifty little booklet on the subject.  Basically, if
> you are running B&W and you're using typical developers and nothing wierd
> the thing you have to worry about is silver-laden hypo, which you probably 
> should be getting silver recovery on anyway if you're doing any quantity.  
> The main worry is silver itself, which is not only a toxic heavy metal but 
> is also worth money and shouldn't be poured down the drain.
> If you are running color processes, though, it gets complicated fast.  If
> you're running weird developers with accelerants like hydrazine 
> dihydrochloride
> or using chromium intensifier or mercury toners you have disposal issues.
> If you're running a reversal process you have to worry about the bleach which
> is also full of residual silver (even if you're not using the old ferricyanide
> chemistry).
> But dumping D-76 and stop bath into the septic tank won't hurt anything if
> you dilute them sufficiently.
> D-76 seems to encourage bacterial growth, in fact, which is no fun when you
> have to clean the tanks out...
> --scott
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