Hi Eric, thanks for sharing, it's a fantastic idea.

I wonder, what was the audience reaction to "A Roll For Peter". Is this
film the result of a selection or anyone who shot a roll got in?


2016-11-28 20:31 GMT+01:00 Scott MacDonald <smacd...@hamilton.edu>:

> *Hey Eric,*
> *I would like to see (and possibly host) the show in the spring, late
> spring ideally, at Hamilton College. *
> *But I should mention that in connection with a Hutton memorial event at
> the Thomas Cole National Historic Site this past October, a beautifully
> illustrated catalog was produced; I wrote the catalog essay. Should venues
> want to make this catalog available (or sell it as a fund-raiser), they
> should contact me off FRAMEWORKS at <smacd...@hamilton.edu
> <smacd...@hamilton.edu>>.*
> *Best,*
> *Scott*
> On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 12:13 PM, Eric Theise <ericthe...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hello Frameworkers,
>> You may be aware that Jennifer Reeves & Mark Street, as a tribute to the
>> late Peter Hutton, put out a call for submissions of 100 foot rolls of 16mm
>> black and white shot with Peter in mind. The compilation, "A Roll for
>> Peter", screened at Bard College on 22 October and had a sold out screening
>> as part of Mono No Aware's festival in Brooklyn on 9 November.
>>   http://mononoawarefilm.com/calendar/2016/11/9/mono-x-gowanus-darkroom
>> Like me, you may have thought: I'd kinda like to see that before it gets
>> disassembled.
>> So. I've volunteered to coordinate a tour of the project. We'll likely
>> have a screening in Oakland, CA, during the first half of December and a
>> San Francisco screening sometime in 2017. There's also been interest
>> expressed in University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and University of Central
>> Florida screenings in 2017.
>> This is an invitation for you to contact me if you'd be interested in
>> screening the project between now and May 2017.
>> There's a single projection segment that runs 45 minutes and a double
>> projection segment that runs 15 minutes. A venue needs two comparable 16mm
>> projectors and a "wide enough" projection area. Academic venues should not
>> charge admission for a screening; microcinemas & artist-run spaces may
>> charge enough to cover their expenses. All venues are responsible for
>> timely and insured shipping to the next venue on the tour.
>> I'll note that the two New York screenings also screened Hutton's "New
>> York Portrait, Chapter I", but venues would be on their own to rent or
>> otherwise screen material beyond "A Roll for Peter".
>> I'll coordinate dates, put up a page for the project, keep tabs on the
>> whereabouts of the reels, and make sure screenings are listed in "This week
>> in avant garde cinema".
>> Please get in touch if this is something you'd like to be a part of.
>> Thanks, Eric
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