from the Filmmaker’s Coop Catalog: (description seems laden with Coyote-esque 
obfuscation, and I wrote it…)

Robert Harris

COYOTE   (1997) DVD NTSC, color, 17:07 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: Ethnic/Multicultural

COYOTE is an invocation of the many shady, shifting forms of Coyote, wide dog, 
Trickster, and smuggler, told in a style that mimics his multifarious shape. 
COYOTE abandons unified visual style. The narrative is fractured, a blend of 
documentary and fiction, contradictory voices, myths, and lies. Through a 
discontinuity between images, between image and text, between textual voices; 
through a clash of human and non-human voices, fixed meaning is undermined. 
Contradiction, displacement and disruption force the viewer's participation. 
Text and image drift in and out of moments of relative, subjective 
synchronicity. A reading ascribed to a given image will dissolve with the 
change of accompanying text. As meaning becomes contingent on viewer and 
context, authorship shifts from video-maker to collective process. COYOTE is an 
accumulated cacophony of evidence fragments where meanings coagulate in the 
resonant harmonics of the various voices.

On Feb 21, 2017, at 8:49 PM, Morgan Hoyle-Combs <> wrote:

> Hello
> Does anyone know of any film (essay/diary/doc) where lying is a theme or the 
> main focus? I wondered if there was anything that ran among these lines: 
> 1. The audience is well aware that the narrator/filmmaker is lying to them
> 2. The audience does not know whether or not the narrator/filmmaker lying to 
> them. It's left ambiguous. 
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