The bulb you are holding is shot. The white crystal in the center is what a worn out lamp looks like. The center should be clear with 2 metal tips at both ends...
You'll have to buy a lamp to do a further test. Checking the machines with a new lamp is the best way to see if it's circuitry, or just a worn out lamp.
I have the lamps on my website, on the Projector Lamp page:


At 01:13 PM 2/28/2017, you wrote:
Hello frameworkers.

I'm using the double projection movement of A Roll for Peter as an excuse to liberate a pair of Pageant Arc projectors from my storage unit. These worked so well when I had a studio that I never gave them a second thought but that was long ago.

Running some tests in the gallery yesterday, one bulb stopped working entirely while the other flashes periodically but never lights. While my assumption is simply that the bulbs are toast, it did occur to me that I'm rather ignorant about arc lamps and I wondered if it might be something else, like the circuits in the gallery. Fans and projector mechanisms run fine and no circuit breakers were tripped.

A few photos of these beasts at

Would love to hear from the equipment geniuses on the list, and/or from people who have a favorite bulb supplier.

Many thanks in advance.


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