I cannot speak about un54.

I have run n74 in roller-transport machines and found that it took slightly
less time, maybe 10% less, to get a gamma of .65, compared with Tri-X,
using a conventional D-96 developer.

If I were hand-processing, I would start out with the Tri-X times and work
my way up or down from there.  But I would expect to be going slightly down.

n74 seems very much like a copy of Tri-X from the early 1970s before the 
major film stock changes in 1976 came about.  Just like old Tri-X, it had
amazing blacks, very solid, but did not push very well at all.  It tended to 
come apart with very coarse grain and block up very easily.  I suggest that 
if you are trying to push-process n74 that you might want to consider trying 
Acufine, which worked very well on the old Tri-X RP 7207 way back when.

Note that both n74 and un54 are also sold as still photography films, and as
such the still version data sheets should have time and temperature charts
on them.  These are likely to work pretty closely for large reel development.
If you're going reel and trough or rewind tank processing, all bets are off.

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