Rodinol is always going to give much much grainier results than a fine-grain
developer like D-76 or a developer with a silver solvent like Microdol-X.

But, Rodinol is also going to give you much better separation in highlights.
It's not very compensating, but it will stretch the head of the curve enough
that you'll see some compensation and highlights won't block up as easily
as they would with a D-76.

You could try adding additional sulfite to Rodinol to reduce grain at the
expense of film speed; the sulfite will act as a silver solvent and feather
the edges of the grains so they aren't as well-defined.  Microdol-X uses
thiocyanate for that, but thiocyanate is very touchy about concentration
and finding the precise amount you want will be difficult, whereas adding
sulfite will have much less dramatic effects.

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