Asking for myself

I’m not clear if this is supposed to be ironic/sarcastic, or what.  And does 
“filmmakers” here refer to only male filmmakers?  Or all filmmakers, regardless 
of gender, etc.?

“Your Job in Germany” according to Wiki: "The movie was produced by the US Army 
Signal Corps. It was criticized by one commentator as a "bitter and angry 
anti-German propaganda film" that characterized the post-war German mind as 
"diseased".[2]  The film urged against fraternization with the German people, 
who are portrayed as thoroughly untrustworthy. It reminds its viewers of 
Germany's history of aggression”

So, Francisco, are you saying that (cis-gendered het male?) filmmakers should 
avoid fraternization with women and queer and trans people?  Or vice versa?

So who is “diseased”? Harassing males, or their victims who are now standing up 
and fighting back?

Chuck Kleinhans

> On Dec 6, 2017, at 4:56 PM, Francisco Torres <> wrote:
> I would suggest to all filmmakers to take personal defense lessons and
> to be vigilant at all times. Also look for the film Your job in
> Germany (1945) to learn how to deal with the world we all living in
> today. The new normal.
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