Dear fellow frameworkers,

I am heartbroken for Saul Levine. Nobody, least an open hearted and minded, 
generous professor like Saul should ever be treated and hurt this way. 

I find the battering of an accomplished artist and senior professor months 
before his retirement after a successful teaching career of four decades 
extremely disturbing. Saul Levine is being injured as an artist, as a teacher 
and as a person. The core of any art school are the artists, is it not? It is 
unacceptable that this core is being attacked by parasites who feed of the 
artists genius, and harm him in the process. (the students chose MassArt, they 
chose Saul Levine as their professor, they had the rare opportunity to study 
directly with an exceptional artist, an artist who sacrifices a part of himself 
to teach new generations of artists). This concerns all of us. Saul says "there 
is a need to fight back". That's exactly what needs to be done.  MassArt should 
not get away with treating its professors in this fashion. Nor should any other 
institution. This problem is not a MassArt problem alone, its a problem of "a 
bad moment" = a bad cultural moment, and a problem of problematic
  Title IX policy interpretations. 

How can we protect, support and  help heal???



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> On Apr 1, 2018, at 6:55 PM, Alan Sondheim <> wrote:
> god knows what they'd do with the Blue Tape Kathy Acker and I made - and it's 
> been freely shown publicly all over the place.
> this is disgusting. infantilism just about sums it up.
>> On Sun, 1 Apr 2018, Michael Betancourt wrote:
>> It seems that these days the real crime is making art. Creating work that 
>> challenges assumptions, perhaps even works against biases is something that 
>> will always "harm" the narrow minded by forcing them to consider positions 
>> which make them uncomfortable. This situation sounds a lot like what 
>> happened here.
>> Michael Betancourt
>> Savannah, GA
>>> On Apr 1, 2018, at 6:42 PM, John Muse <> wrote:
>>> Surprised that I haven?t read anything here on the recent news that Saul 
>>> Levine "was pushed out of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design after 
>>> administrators accused him of 'harming students' by showing his film Notes 
>>> After Long Silence, 1989, to his senior thesis class.?
>>> Here are a few resources:
>>> Saul?s original post detailing his decision to ?[retire] from MassArt,? as 
>>> he says, and his reasons: 
>>> The Artforum article: 
>>> Indiewire article: 
>>> Saul?s Facebook page: Films mentioned 
>>> in the Artforum article include "Notes After a Long Silence" 
>>> and ?The Big Stick / An Old Reel? 
>>> j/PrM
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