Hey, Sonya and all,

A few titles off the top of my head that may (or may not) fit the bill of a 
single filmmaker and a group subject (not all activity or ‘project’ based):

Episode III: Enjoy Poverty - Renzo Martens
The Wolfpack - Crystal Moselle
Demolition, Foreign Parts - JP Sniadecki / Varena Paravel
The Patron Saints  - Brian Cassidy & Melanie Shatzky
Girl Model - David Redmon & Ashley Sabin
All of the films by Québecois collective Épopée are about the 
filmmaker/filmmaking group
We Chose the Milky Way  - Marie Eva Rodbro
Le paysage sous les paupières - Lucie Tremblay
A flea’s skin would be too big for you - Ojoboca
A few of Sky Hopinka’s works…
Field Niggas - Khalik Allah
Spell Reel - Filipa Cesar

A lot of Louis Theroux’s TV stuff may be applicable as he’s often looking 
at/ruffling ‘groups’ - just depends on what style you’re looking for or if it’s 
more the group project that’s the focus…

After writing the list and looking back at your request, I’d say most of these 
films don’t involve the filmmaker as a participant in the group but their 
interactions with the group and their documentation is usually more reflexive 
than ‘straight docs’.

Contact me off list if you want some more or more info.


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