This is actually good information for me to read along with. I have been 
shooting with a Cine Kodak for most of my projects for a good 2-3 years now. I 
have had no problems with the mechanisms or spring drive in the past, but 
recently I have felt something going on wth my spring drive. Almost as if it 
was wearing down too, but not completely. I'm not going anywhere near WD-40, 
but I would love to know about any other lubricants filmmakers use on their 
motion picture cameras.  
    On Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 2:10:07 PM EST, Scott Dorsey 
<> wrote:  
 The camera only runs a few seconds because everything in it is gunked up
and it needs cleaning and lubrication, likely.

Don't EVER run an old camera or projector without making sure the movement
is properly lubricated, because you can wear out the cam very very quickly
without proper lubrication.

I don't know anyone working on the Cine-Kodaks offhand... I know that
Jesse Chambless had a tech who did very good work on them but charged
the usual Chambless prices.  What did DuAll say when you asked?
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