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> There's a note on that page that some apps can now be downloaded from
> the marketplace, but it's important to realise that the marketplace
> app itself is one such binary-only app that you can't legally get
> unless it came with your phone.

>From those links, I found http://goo.im/gapps, which took me to here:

"In order to update the Google Apps for devices which have not been
updated to the latest versions of Android, and to simplify the GApps
installation process, the Google Apps are now traditionally packaged
in a separate flashable ZIP which can be easily installed on top of a
ROM. This allows for faster installations, easier upgrades of Google
software, less tasks for the custom recovery to perform, more
user-friendly installations, and an overall more streamlined process."

Unfortunately, this doesn't really answer any of the questions raised.
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