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> As the meet-up is only a few days away, it's probably not reasonable
> to expect everyone will have time to send me keys prior to the event.
> Happy to do this if people want, but I agree with your assessment that
> leaning towards ad hoc might be the way to go. Depending on how we go
> for time, how many people turn up (and interest levels), I'd even be
> happy to continue keysigning while waiting on dinner - if there are no
> objections, anyway.

It's also worth noting that a keysigning party has a misleading name:
The purpose of the party is not to sign keys at the party :-)

Rather, the purpose of the keysigning party is to organise everyone to
perfom all the necessary prior steps to key signing. Some (create one's
own keypair, send the public key to a network or central coordinator,
print out copies of fingerprints) are done before the party where
feasible, and some (meet the person, verify photo ID, check their
fingerprint with them) need person-to-person interaction so are done at
the party.

The actual signing of keys is usually done at one's leisure *after* the

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