It's not quite the TPP/FTA scale, but it's the internet, it's piracy,
it's the vibe.
Surprised to see Choice getting involved.

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Yesterday, reports that the federal government is looking at so-called
graduated response policies were confirmed. These policies will make
the internet slower and more expensive, and there's no evidence that
they will have any impact on the problem they are trying to address,
internet piracy.

Rather than increasing access to content, the government wants to
penalise all consumers in order to protect the profits of American
copyright holders.
Help CHOICE fund an ad to run in the national media that tells the
government not to force costly policies onto consumers and ISPs
without addressing the root causes of internet piracy.
Donate now!

The government has never asked
consumers what they think of these laws. It's time we tell them.

So much is being considered in secret. Here's what we know:

        - The Attorney-General's Department has confirmed that it is
considering establishing a graduated response scheme as one possible
anti-piracy policy in Australia.
        - These policies will make internet access more expensive for
all users - not just people illegally downloading content.
        - These policies will make the internet slower for everyone because
your ISP (internet service provider) has to enforce clunky regulations.
        - These policies won't stop piracy. The most effective measure
to stop piracy is giving consumers timely and affordable access to the content
they want.By
donating just $10 , you will
help us place an ad in the national media to tell the government that this is a

Best wishes,
Angela Cartwright
Campaigns Manager

P.S For more information
check out the CHOICE website .
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