>>>>> "Glenn" == Glenn McIntosh <neonsig...@meme.net.au> writes:

    Glenn> The content on the site would be considered separate from the
    Glenn> code, and would not be covered by the same copyright. Each
    Glenn> article would be an original work, and you could use a
    Glenn> licence such as CC BY-SA (which is perhaps the most
    Glenn> GPL-like).

For the benefit of others, and tell me if I'm telling you to suck eggs,
copyright exists immediately is certain types of authored material. Both
writing and code are considered literary works.

The author of a work has certain rights concerning how it is used,
displayed reproduced etc.

Licensing is an agreement to waive some of those rights in certain ways,
to let other people use the works.

When copyright ends (life of the author + 70 years) the works enter the
public domain.

Once things have 'fallen' into the public domain other people can reuse
them in pretty much anyway they wish.

Personally I think it would be a good result if the public domain were a
richer library of materials for all of us. This is where the Creative
Commons Zero (CC0) library seems an exciting development.

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